Ours Clients

The Bertola and Associates Accounting, own a client portfolio that reflects its quality and mark recognition as an excellent accounting company.

Our client portfolio is composed of companies ranging from medium-small to large, both Brazilian and multinational, subsidiaries and parent companies, acting in diverse economic areas, including individual businesses.

We have vast experience working with companies in areas such as:

• Architecture.
• Advising and Management Consulting.
• Landfills.
• Medical clinics (doctors, dentists, nursing, stem cells, etc).
• Wholesale and retail.
• Construction.
• Insurance brokers.
• Engineering Consulting.
• Investment Management.
• Importation and Exportation.
• Logistics.
• Participation (holding and patrimonial).
• Production and commercialization of electric energy and natural gas.
• Third Sector economies.
• Transport for e-commerce and others.